I am passionate about the value of professional supervision and have experienced first-hand how supervision can both enhance our practice and improve the quality of our professional (and personal) relationships. I believe that a trusting relationship is at the heart of supervision, and I am committed to creating a safe space where you feel valued and supported to explore issues, dilemmas, and decisions made in the course of your working day.

My approach is warm, non-judgmental, and thoughtful, and I will listen to you with curiosity and compassion while you explore your practice and make sense of feelings and experiences that may arise in your work.


The first step is to contact me to arrange a time for us to have an initial discussion, where we can discuss what you would like from supervision, what I can offer and how we might work together in a way that is of most benefit to you. This is an opportunity to find out more about supervision, ask any questions you may have and see if I am the right supervisor for you.

I provide face to face individual and group supervision in south Manchester and also offer supervision remotely.

I offer supervision to sign and spoken language interpreters and allied professionals including lip speakers, teaching assistants, support workers and CSWs.

Training and qualifications

Post Graduate Certificate in Supervision, Manchester University 2009

TA 101 (Introduction to Transactional Analysis) 2016

Institute of Group Analysis: Foundation in Group work  2018 

Intandem training: Are you getting enough? 2/3 2021

Working creatively 2022

Coaching academy: Working with Metaphors in Supervision: a Clean Language Approach 2022

Exploring the space of Creativity and Supervision 2022

The Beyond Partnership: Polyvagal Theory and Practice 2022/23


Are there situations where you instantly feel comfortable and relaxed and others where you become on edge, nervous and uncomfortable? You may not be able to put a finger on exactly why this is.

Our nervous system is constantly taking in information from the world around us below the level of our awareness, yet shapes how we feel and think about any given situation and how we respond to the people we meet.

Everybody’s nervous system is different as they are shaped by our life experience, how it is shaped then becomes the foundation for how we experience the world.

I was introduced to polyvagal theory by my supervisor and have found it invaluable in gaining a deeper understanding of who I am.

This led me to undertake training on the theory and applications of polyvagal theory and I have found it to be an incredibly useful lens through which to explore issues within supervision both indirectly, by noticing and naming states, and more explicitly by supporting supervisees to map their own nervous systems. 

I offer individualised sessions to facilitate your exploration and understanding of your own nervous system in order for you to recognise when your threat system is activated and how you can bring yourself back to safety and connection.

Please contact me for more information.


“I have been having professional supervision for over a year now with Ali and have found it invaluable. I work in mental health, and although systems are set up to allow myself and my colleagues to debrief, it has been great to be able to bring whatever I feel I need to (even the smallest thing) to the session. She allows me a non-judgmental, confidential space to reflect on my practice whilst signposting to articles, models, etc. Even when I feel I don’t have much to raise or bring to the session, there is always something that pops up and is pertinent to my work.”

“Ali, I truly appreciate our supervision sessions. You are a fantastic listener, and all the advice you have given me has been very productive. You have the ability to make me feel completely different at the end of our sessions to how I felt at the beginning, and my only regret is that I didn’t start supervision with you years ago.”

“Supervision has really helped me on both a professional and personal level. I feel I can be myself and express things about my job that I can’t always with others.”

“Ali is objective and understanding and professional. Supervision is not a chat over coffee with your co-worker! This is constructive and helps me challenge my response to issues that arise in interpreting assignments and gain a different and more balanced perspective.”